I am in love with this website called  On the surface, it looks like your average tee-shirt-selling website.  However, it is nowhere near that.

The thing that really sets Threadless apart from the rest, is the designs.  There are hundreds, if not thousands, of original designs available, I can guarantee you will find something you like.  The best thing about these designs, is they are made by normal people.  The designs first are sent to the Atrium, where you can vote on which them.  If you see a design you like, you can give it a good rating, comment on it, and follow it.  Following a design will tell Threadless to notify you if

it becomes a shirt.  You can buy the designs on shirts, water bottles, hoodies, iPhone cases, wife beaters, backpacks, footsie pajamas for babies, and more.  Part of the proceeds go to these artists, and if you’re an artist you’d know how great that is.

Now don’t get me wrong, Threadless is still a work in progress.  Till recently, the shirts weren’t good quality and felt weird to wear.  However, they have fixed this issue by upgrading the quality of their shirts, still with the same great designs.  Every month or so, Threadless will send out an email with a coupon code that can save you on shipping, or tee shirt costs, and things like that.  This, along with clearance sales, and already low prices makes Threadless a really affordable place to get you clothes, and they will always make you look unique.


I highly recommend checking out Threadless.  Worst-case scenario is that you end up loving it as much as me!



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