White Fang

White fang is one of the five books I would give five stars (the others being The Boy in Stripped Pajamas, and the three books in the hunger Games trilogy).  The book is a forerunner in literature because it starts out with two friends migrating across the frozen tundra to deliver an important (dead) body to a town.  But it then follows the wolf pack that has been dogging them (no pun intended) for days.  After  you hear of the packs hardships, the pack splits in half, and the leader of the pack and her second in command are all that is left after many deserters.

This book is truly wondrous because even at this point, 20% into the book, you have not met the main character.  Then, White Fang is born.  Of course, he isn’t called White Fang yet but after his dad dies and he finds an Indian camp, that is what he’s called.  Lip Lip (the aggressive bully dog) constantly fights with White Fang, making White Fang mean and strong.  Eventually White Fang gets so good he can kill any dog in his pack if it weren’t for the humans holding him back.  One day, Grey Beaver (his owner in the tribe) brings him to trade and he is bought by Beauty Smith, a horrible person who has dogs fights dogs.  For a long time all White fang does is get beaten and fight other dogs.  One match, he comes across a pitbull which he has never fought before and he would have lost to had the authorities came by and broke up the fight.  Weedon Scott, the person who rescued White Fang from that near fatal fight, tries to make him soft again and trust people, even though he has been beaten by them for as long as he can remember.  Soon White Fang goes with Weedon to his house down south.  There he meets the family and is happy and surprises everybody with his fast learning.  Weedon’s dad, a judge, bets that White Fang can’t stay in a chicken coup with out eating one of them, but he does.  When an old criminal that Weedon’s dad put away comes back for revenge, White Fang is badly injured trying to defend his owners against him.  This book is very interesting because it has seven different settings, and the book never has a lull in interestingness like you might expect from a book that is so long.  I am not usually a fan of anything that’s not fantasy, but this book is a definite must-read.

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