Bolts And The Aliens

One bright and clear summer morning, Bolts decided to go for  a nice long walk, little did he know just how long that walk would be.  Bolts called Slurpy, but she was busy taking Robo Dog to the vet, so she had to miss out.

Bolts set off,  hardly knowing the adventure he was in for.  He found the perfect shade tree and took a break.  After enjoying his chicken salad sandwich, he was very sleepy.  What is better than taking a quick nap outside?  With the warm breeze and the sun warming his back, though he really wished his shade tree hadn’t walked away… wait… trees don’t walk?!  He jolted awake, quite confused. Where had his shade tree went to, he was unsure of.  When he realized, he thought he was still dreaming.  A fleet of flying saucers had lifted it and thrown it across the park.  Then how did it pick up the – His thoughts were interrupted by the startling discovery that he was floating.


As soon as he was completely beamed onto the ship, it started flying away. He looked down and saw Earth growing smaller in the distance.  He wanted desperately to see who was abducting him, but, all the “people” were hidden inside the ships.


When he arrived at Mars he was greeted by about a thousand other toys like him.  They had come from toy dispensers all around the world, though there were very few from North Korea, they had been banned along with McDonald’s.  They had everything you could find in a real city, even hospitals for the chinese toys that had lead poisoning.  He lived happily ever after.

P.S. The real reason I am ending this series is that I, umm, misplaced him.  So I can take no more pictures to put up with my writings, but don’t worry, I have an idea for a new series.

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