My Student Council Speeches

Both got me elected, so I guess they are O.K.

The first one is a template for what I said, not a word for word speech and I used it in 7th grade.

  • Hello, I am Justice Storm Del Castillo here to convince you I should be on student council and I hope this speech earns me your much-needed vote
  • Student council VP last year
  • Put recycling program in place-long term
  • Quarters for quake victims
  • Took suggestion into consideration-suggestion box
  • Community week
    • Staff appreciation lunch-even wore hair nets
  • much more
  • Plan on doing that and even more
  • I hope to prove to you that I am hard working and responsible
  • Try to get as many spirit days and dances as possible
  • Try to raise as much money for the school through new, creative, fund raisers to help the school in any way I can
  • Try to make this year better than any other
  • Please bring justice to the school and vote for justice
  • Thank you

This one I also used  to help my speech, I read it with the same information, but in different sentences.  This one I used in 6th grade.

Hello every one.

I want to be in the Student Council. I would enjoy being a student council representative because I have always had others be representatives. I would like to try it for once.

Have you ever felt like your representative speaks for themselves and not for you? I often get annoyed when representatives don’t listen, so I have decided to fix that problem by providing students with someone (me) who won’t be like that.

Does your representative repeatedly forget to voice your comments at a student council meeting? I will make sure that never happens. I have a notebook that I can record all of your comments and complaints in. That way your thoughts will never be forgotten.

If you help me achieve my goal to be your representative I will do the best job I can for you.

Thank you.

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