Bolts In The Sahara

One day Bolts decided to go to the Sahara desert and see what he would find. He set out to the desert in the middle of the night so he would arrive in the middle of the day. Once he stepped out of the plane he noticed that it wasn’t the least bit hot, he strolled out to the doors and BAM, the doors slid open allowing a wave of heat  in.  It hit him with an almost physical force and he stumbled backward.  Just after the doors had recolsed another person walked up and BAM the got hit too. As more people came some stumbled backward others just kept walking, he figured they were used to the extreme heat.


The next day he decided to go find some fun. He walked out of his hut and went to a watering hole nearby, he knew that all of the cool animals hung around watering holes so he was bound to see at least one.  Then he made his first mistake he waded into the water to cool of and as he was walking he noticed a small island in the middle, it was so small, it was more of a rock, but still where is adventure more than on a rock in the middle of a watering hole. That is where he made his second mistake, he walked out to it and, oops.  When he sat down  the rock in the middle rose and he noticed he was sitting on a hippo, it was like a bad movie, he was barely holding on while the hippo… didn’t twist this way and that?  The hippo stood up and slowly dawdled out of the water when he got up and started walking so did the other small rocks in the watering hole they went to a near by tree and sat around it and Bolts lay down beside them and drifted off to sleep.


When he woke up he noticed immediately how hot it as, he must have forgotten to turn the AC on, or maybe the hippos turned it off… the hippos!  Suddenly he remembered where he was, when he opened his eyes he noticed that the hippos had left while he slept. Too bad, maybe they would come back, but for the rest of the day they never came back. He would have to leave in the morning so he went to his hut and packed up.  As the plane took off the next day he saw his hippo friends watching him leave, and one might have even waved goodbye, or maybe it was just the heat getting to him.

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