I am in love with this website called On the surface, it looks like your average tee-shirt-selling website. However, it is nowhere near that.
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The Red Bead Necklace

The story of a boy in a coma.
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Welcome to my site! I don’t really write about anything, just whatever interests me.  I hope it interests you too.

I made this website to write about random things I find interesting and to post reviews of books and movies.  You will also find the Adventures of Bolts which has progressed from two or three lines to paragraphs as time goes by. Bolt’s is by far my biggest finished writing project and I hope you enjoy it.


I am Justice, I live in a small town in Massachusetts, I’m not going to tell you which small town, but it’s small.  I am 14 years old as of 2013.  I am a freshman in highschool. I run four seasons and my favourite thing in the world is EDM.

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